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Body Balance

Balance Your Emotions and Body
Balancee sus emociones y cuerpo
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Nutritional Counseling Consultation

The use of foods, natural herbs, and vitamins to rebuild and detoxify the systems of the body.
El uso de alimentos, hierbas naturales y vitaminas para reconstruir y desintoxicar los sistemas del cuerpo.
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Treat yourself to the luxury of nature
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About Us
Healthwise is a multifaceted, licensed center which provides nutritional counseling, weight loss management, massage therapy, emotional release therapy, herbology, body detoxification techniques, infrared sauna and iridology.      
Healthwise es un centro licenciado que se especializa en nutrición, masajes, terapias emocionales, desintoxicación, sauna para eliminar toxinas y dolor, e iridologia.

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Weight loss and body wraps packages available - body wraps helps to detox the body and remove stored fats

Paquetes de pérdida de peso y envolturas corporales disponibles - envolturas corporales ayudan a desintoxicar el cuerpo y eliminar las grasas almacenadas
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